The OK-Madeira portal is a directory where you can find the best locations, businesses and services in various European capitals.

Yes, registration on the OK-Madeira portal is free. However, if you want to have a customised page or to highlight your company, there are several subscription plans available.

The information that is on the OK-Madeira Portal may have been provided by our users or public databases. If your page is not being managed by you, you can always take possession of it through the link "Are you the owner of this company?" which appears on the company page. Learn more

To find out the terms and conditions of the OK-Madeira Portal, click here.

To rate a company or site, you must be registered in the portal and logged in. If you are not yet registered,

To register your company on the portal, click register and then log in to your administration area where you can register one or more entities. Learn more.

To create a new user, click register and then log into your administration area where you may update your information and register one or more entities.

If you do not wish your company to be on the portal, you first need to take ownership of the page on the portal and then delete the company’s registration in your administration area.

If you wish to add photographs, videos or other information to your company’s page, you need to log in and then go ahead and add them in your administration area. In order to add photos and videos, you must have taken out a customised page subscription plan.

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